My first visit to a specialist: An abnormal Pap test result

This 15-minute video covers what happens when you get a Pap test result that is not normal and describes the possible treatment options if cancer is suspected.

How does the HPV vaccine work?

This three minute video describes how the hpv vaccine works, who can get it, where you can get it, and the types available in Canada.

My First Pelvic Exam (Pap Test) and Breast Exam

My First Pelvic Exam (Pap Test) and Breast Exam

All about STIs

Crash course on sexually transmitted infections

Young Male talks about HPV

Young male talks about the risk of HPV

Parental Advice on HPV

Mother talking about HPV, vaccines and sexuality

My sex is…worth a shot.

Spread the word, not the disease.

Full of Questions

You have choices to make. Protect yourself.

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